About Dr. Habern

Dr. Michael Habern DDS

Experience Matters

Dr. Michael Habern has been serving the Lewisville, Bartonville and surrounding communities in orthodontics.. He received his dental degree from the University of Oklahoma, College of Dentistry, graduating with honors.

Finding the field of General Dentistry limiting, Dr. Habern went on to graduate from the graduate program in orthodontics at St. Louis University. “I wanted to create a major difference in a person’s total oral health as it pertains to alignment, occlusion and the overall appearance.” Dr. Habern was top in his class and excelled in school.

Dr. Habern is happily married with two very successful children. He has a huge passion for all things sports related. His Bartonville office is even ESPN themed. Dr. Habern always says, “We want patients to walk in and feel like you are at someone’s party!”

Certifications and Achievements

Dr. Habern is board certified by the American Board of Orthodontics and is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists, the American Dental Association and the Denton County Dental Society. Along with sponsoring local school organizations, Dr. Habern’s community affiliations include Cloud 9 Charities, Inc., the Sue Weaver C.A.U.S.E., the Denton County Advocacy and Children’s Speedway Charities.